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RedHack claimed to have hacked ISP TTNET, Vodafone and Turkcell


The Turkish hacktivist collective RedHack claims to have breached systems of Turkish ISP TTNet(www.ttnet.com.tr), vodafone and leading Turkish mobile operator TurckCell(turkcell.com.tr).

“Customer data of ISP TTNET, mobile operator Vodafone and Turkcell infiltrated and vast amount of data collected from the systems. +”  Hackers announced the hack earlier today.

Hackers claimed to have compromised millions of records from the servers.

“If we are able to reach these info on their systems with our limited resources imagine what can foreign intelligence agency do. These companies have 90% of the population’s data on their systems and they can’t protect them.” Hackers said.

The have dumped(http://justpaste.it/eaml) some of data compromised from TTNet.  The dump only contains the membership details of Ministries, National Intelligence Agency(MIT),and Security Directorate.  Hackers didn’t publish the data belong to general public, “as a matter of principle”.

The leak contains information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, email IDs and other information.

Hackers said the reason for these breaches is to prove the fact that no one and no system is 100% secure.

“In the coming days we’ll continue with those exploiting the country. No public information will be shared. Our people can be at ease.” The group said that they will continue the operation.

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