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Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia website defaced by Moroccan hackers


Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail hacks and deface the official website of prevention program of injuries and accidents – Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia(moh-ncd.gov.sa)

The site was showing a picture of Mohamed Morsi The President Of Egypt and member in the Muslim Brotherhood and a clear message in arabic which said :

“Penetration in response to a statement by the Ministry of Interior inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in the list of terrorist groups.”

“Our message to the governor of Saudi Arabia: The day will come who are under it is exposed to more than what it is now Syria.” hackers said.

” The most worthy AQIM contain the Two Holy Mosques to be a compromise in everything Do not be biased for a class to another, until he became Al Saud believe in all that is Islamic terrorist And all of the resistance for pursuing terrorism The injustice of kin most Reluctantly — one of Hussam signed Mohannad. Signature: Moroccan Islamic Union-mail”

The mirror of the defacement is available here:  http://www.aljyyosh.org/mirror.php?id=125826

This is not the first time the site being targeted by hackers – Earlier this year, a hacker going by handle ‘Dr.SHA6H’ also defaced the website.

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